About Us


    Lady Inaya strives towards not only creating one of a kind designs, but also being able to instill elegance and grace into a woman’s every clothing need - no matter if it’s a black-tie event she’s had on her calendar for months or if she needs to not only look but feel like a boss lady at work.

    Our mission is to create timeless pieces that allow her to value quality details in every single piece- making sure the fabrics that flow around her are of a premium grade, that the seams are meant for every curve on her body, that the cut works around her type of figure, that the draping allows her for the most movement, that the fabric flows around her in the perfect amount, that the piece is comfortable enough to last her the whole evening (or day for that matter) - and so much more. 

    We are proud to provide her with everlasting pieces from a brand she can trust, making it a lifelong goal to provide her with the means to always #DressGracefully.

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