Hello my name is Hassina and I am the founder and lead designer at Lady Inaya.   3 years ago I was contemplating either going to Medical School or getting my masters after completing a bachelor's degree in Biology.   During that time, I became pregnant with my first child so my husband and I had a serious conversation about the feasibility of going to medical school while becoming a new mother.  I really wanted to be a hands on mother especially during the first couple of years of my child's life.  
During that same time I designed a few gowns for myself and two family members for an upcoming event.  My husband noticed how passionate I was, constantly communicating with my dressmakers and fabric suppliers and he jokingly said, “Hey why don’t you start designing dresses.”  Although I was confident in my capabilities in designing quality dresses and gowns I also understood there was so much more to establishing a successful clothing brand. I did not come to the United States until I was 18, back home we did not have many shops with designer dresses.  So I was accustomed to finding fabrics and making my own designs at an early age. My mom did the same thing and I’m sure that was the case with many people back home.  When we finally received the gowns from my dressmakers, my husband was absolutely blown away at the quality of the gowns.   This time he wasn’t joking when he said “Hey you should really start designing dresses.” My husband has been an entrepreneur his entire life and promised to support all the other aspects of the business if I decided this is what I wanted to do.  It all kind of magically came together from that point. We started putting teams together, traveled the world in search of Fabric suppliers and quality dressmakers, and really started to study the evening gown and everyday dress marketplace. Oh and by the way during this process we had a baby!  Launching lady Inaya has been such a blessing as a mother.  It has not only allowed me to spend a lot more time with Inaya but rather including her in the journey has been an amazing experience.  She takes so much after her dad, but she loves getting dressed up like mommy :) Inaya means graceful and elegant and we really want those two words to exemplify what Lady Inaya is all about.  Our mission is to produce high quality elegant dresses that are fun and sophisticated. And of course the icing on the cake is all of our gowns has a mommy and me option so your little one can also enjoy the experience.